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Wise Skies Collective is an expert team of psychic mediums,  astrology professionals, and human design analysts who are passionate about personal growth. 
Our Sessions guide you to understand yourself and life’s biggest questions with clarity and honesty.
Membership to Wise Skies offers ongoing support for psychic development and personal growth in a cost-effective digest. 

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-Improve Psychic Skills

-Learn Astrology tidbits

-Human Design Workshops

-AstroTarot Readings

-Akashic Records Readings

-Metaphysical Workshops 

-Get 25% off all Sessions

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Meet Tiffany, your host.

Tiffany is the founder of Wise Skies Collective. Her psychic abilities increased after a near-death experience as a teen. She pursued training under prestigious mediums, yogis, and astrologers—and obtained a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. She specializes in psychic mediumship and is passionate about using her gift to help find missing persons. Sample her style on Tarot Friday or the Podcast.
With descriptions for every planetary and lunar event – all levels of astrology enthusiasts can enjoy the calendar on any device.
You’ll receive *3 files:
1. Planetary aspects, ingresses, cazimis, and retrogrades
2. Lunations, eclipses, phases
3. Moon Void of Course
*The files are separate so that you have the option to toggle them on/off as preferred.
New in 2023:
– Moon Phase family dates and sabian symbols on New & Full Moon entries
– The descriptions now note that planets are retrograde when relevant
– Retroshade zones and Cazimis
“Since I always have my phone, this astrology calendar is always with me. I can quickly check it when I need to know the Moon’s degree, when another planet turns retrograde, or anything else. Extremely useful, and eco-friendly, too!”
– Jodie Forrest, International Academy of Astrology

Timing is Everything

It’s no coincidence that our paths have crossed today. 

We are grateful the Universe brought you here.

Practice is necessary to strengthen our psychic development muscles. Each week, we will work on specific techniques to increase our ability to receive and give correct psychic information. Do you want to come? All levels are welcome.


Register Individually $22/ea
or *buy the bundle* for 30% off $108

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Fall Schedule 


August 30: 12p CST

Getting Dates Psychically *Register

September 13: 12p CST
Getting Locations Psychically *Register

September 20:
 12p CST

Getting Names Psychically *Register


September 27: 12p CST
Forced Connections *Register


October 4: 12p CST
Connecting with Guides  *Register


October 11: 12p CST
Practicing with Colors *Register


October 18: 12p CST
Remove Viewing *Register

October 25:
 12p CST
Psychometry  *Register

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“I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to have found you. Your work has helped me in all aspects of my life and has made a huge difference in my perspective and happiness! I am so grateful for you all.” 


Scrapping Therapy: Fully Switching to Wise Skies

“Today’s session made me feel lighter and more grounded than months of regular therapy.


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“LOVE the classes. Wise Skies is truly and honestly soul food for me.”