Wise Skies is a spiritual development agency that provides professional courses, readings, and membership to our community.

Welcome Home! 

I’m Tiffany Harelik—founder and host at Wise Skies. After 20 years of offering psychic, astrology, and mediumship sessions, I’ve broken down my spiritual gifts to teach you how to access yours. Do you want to take the journey together?

Timing is Everything.

It’s no coincidence your path has led you here. Whether you are looking for guidance in a 1:1 session, the astrology forecast, Human Design support, or psychic development training—Wise Skies is here to illuminate the next step in your development.

Let the Universe Have Your Back

You were born wise. You are gifted. Do you want to open the doors to a new personal path? We believe Spiritual progress is available for everyone, and are we are so glad you’re here.

Mondays: April 10 – May 15: 4p CST

Are you Astro-Overwhelmed? Astro-Curious? Astro-Clueless? Is it time to finally understand all those signs and symbols of the Skies? Join Tiffany in an 6-week journey to give yourself a solid foundation in understanding the treasures of modern astrology. If you jump all the way in, you’ll be able to read birth charts, understand your personal transits, and even write a horoscope. Do you want to come to astrology camp?

Your purpose, career, relationships, and spiritual path evolve over time. Wise Skies is a place to find answers, and learn about your unique gifts.

What area calls to you?

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Scrapping Therapy: Fully Switching to Wise Skies

“Today’s session made me feel lighter and more grounded than months of regular therapy. I’m fully invested in the membership. Wise Skies is truly and honestly soul food for me.”

Your Work Makes a Huge Difference

“I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to have found you. Your work has helped me in all aspects of my life and has made a huge difference in my perspective and happiness! I am so grateful for you all.” 

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