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Our Mission

Our Mission is to to help you get clarity and confidence while connecting the cosmic dots in your life.

Originally established in 2009 as an astrology company, Wise Skies expanded in 2016 to include other forms of metaphysical counseling with Tiffany at the helm. We believe you were born wise, and we are passionate about  helping you align with your unique inner guidance system and operational strategies. Here’s the Wise Skies Story! And we’d love to stay connected here!

Meet your Wise Council

Fun facts about Tiff
“We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass
Scorpio Sun and Moon
Sagittarius Rising
Life Path: 9
HD: Manifesting Generator
9 Star Ki: 225

Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT Founder, Intuitive, Teacher

Texan to the bone, Tiffany is a fourth-generation Austinite who shares her practice from Travis and Callahan counties. Her family lineage is steeped in Russian and Blackfoot ancestry. She is passionate about helping with missing persons and cold cases, and loves guiding clients through astrology, tarot, and intuitive sessions.


Tiff’s psychic abilities increased after a near-death experience as a teen. She pursued training under prestigious mediums and astrologers while obtaining a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. Her teachers include Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, Stella Upton, Steven Forrest, and continues to receive ongoing education. 


Tiffany’s early career path included producing corporate music/food events, and becoming a bestselling cookbook author. This strong combination of experience and skills create a unique lens to help you answer life’s most important questions, and develop your intuition. 


When she’s not in sessions, you can find Tiff bee keeping, gardening, and midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers. Explore her creative projects at www.TiffanyHarelik.com 

Fun facts about April
“Let it be known: I did not fall from grace. I leapt to freedom.” – Autobiography of Eve
Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon
Leo Rising
Enneagram: 3
HD: Manifesting Generator

April Leman, Intuitive +Marketing Council

A Texas transplant, April hails from the midwest with deep, Swiss-German roots. April lived in Europe as a child, which spurred her love and appreciation for languages, culture, food and the arts. 


April’s psychic abilities appeared when she was very young. She frequently saw angels and spoke ‘words of knowledge’ over friends and family. Raised in an Evangelical culture, April was gifted in the art of hearing God’s voice but was discouraged from pursuing anything perceived as New Age. She eventually left her childhood faith tradition to pursue a spiritual path that felt true and authentic to her and has been practicing Tarot, Akashic Records, and other mystical arts since 2018. 


Formally trained in business and marketing, April loves merging the mystical with the practical. She is particularly passionate about seeing women thrive in business. As she channels the power of the divine feminine, April champions and coaches women of all ages to discover their deservingness and self-worth. 


When she’s not in sessions, you will find April playing with her two pups, and cooking with her husband and daughter. She is an avid traveler and lives to sojourn around the globe.  

Fun facts about Jen


“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”
Henry David Thoreau
Gemini Sun, Aries Moon
Capricorn Rising
9 Star: 317
“Expressing the beauty of the unknown”

Jen LeCompte, Intuitive +Keeper of Dreams

Jen is a guide and emotional support human.  Using her skills in dream interpretation, 9 Star Ki, tarot, and intuition, Jen supports her fellow humans on their journeys through life.
For the last twenty years, Jen has cultivated a unique skill set that creates space for transformation and self-awareness.  She studied under a Jungian dream interpreter, beginning her mystic journey to better understand the beauty of being human.  Along the way she became a certified yoga teacher, a writer, an educator, and a life coach.  She continues to study and hone her craft as a multi-faceted guide and advocate for cultivating meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.
Jen’s offering is to help people step into their agency, as well as recognize their own beauty and gifts.  When she is not in session, Jen can be found in her garden, growing large sunflowers for our bee and butterfly friends.  She loves sharing meals and coffee with others, hiking, and spends as much time as possible with her incredible family.   
Fun facts about Leisha
“The right movement happens by itself, Effortlessly without any interference of the mind.” ~ Lao-tzu ~
Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon
Virgo Rising
HD: Projector

Leisha Barnette, Intuitive +Leadership Council

Leisha has had a successful career in the business world, helping to optimize people satisfaction, communication, and collaboration in several conscious companies. She is a masterful facilitator of transformative workshops and a perpetual learner and student of Life.

Leisha holds multiple certifications, including an Evolutionary Psychology degree and certifications in Appreciative Inquiry, The Energy Project, Project Management, Learning Design, Reiki, and the Human Design System. She is also a lover of the earth, herbal remedies, observing the world, understanding others, life enjoyment, and all things mystic.

Leisha is an avid Human Design experimenter, and uses her experience with facilitation and the art of the question to support, share, and empower those who invite her unique guidance and expression.

Follow Leisha’s journey here!