Astrology Demystified

We work with Astrology in two main ways: 

1. to understand the Self, and 2. to understand the Current Times. 

The Time of Your Life

Astrology to Understand the Self 

A natal chart is a snapshot of the planets and constellations at the time of your birth. This gift from the Skies is unique to you, and shows you your unique lessons, patterns, opportunities, and challenges.


The planets in your chart represent different teachers, and archetypes – we all have an inner Einstein, an inner yoga teacher, an inner child, and an inner warrior. The signs and houses help illustrate the special role each planet plays in the unfolding of your life. 

"You took birth here because you had certain work to do. This is your curriculum. It's not an error. Where you are now with all your neuroses and your problems, you're sitting in just the right place." - Ram Dass

Planet Primer

The Sun –  identity
The Moon – emotions and subconscious
Rising Sign – your appearance 
Mercury – the way you think, communicate, and learn
Venus – your love language
Mars – your energy, motivation, and what drives you
Jupiter – your luck & growth
Saturn – your responsibilities & karmas
Uranus – where you’re interesting
Neptune – your inner dreamer
Pluto – where your shadow helps you break free and change
Chiron – how you heal yourself and then others

It's a Matter of Time

Astrology to Understand the Current Times

What are the planets doing this month? What is the Moon reflecting to you? The astrological weather forecast provides a navigation system for identifying the windows of opportunities as well as the times to lay low each month. Take the guesswork out of planning your schedule, and begin to understand your natural cycles more deeply with astrology.

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There’s so much to explore!

Ceres – Nurturing, Devotion, Self-Care
Pallas – Wisdom, War, and Strategy
Juno – Beauty, Marriage, Commitment


Vesta – Your Sacred Flame
North Node – your Purpose, Destiny, Fate


South Node – Past Life Lessons
Lilith – Primal, Feminine Energy


Midheaven – Your Calling, and how you’re seen