Here’s Your Digital Astrology Calendar

Welcome to astrology made easy! 
Download each of these files to your preferred calendar on your phone or laptop. 
The calendar files will populate in your calendar system and travel with you through any time zone! Click on each of the entries to see a description of the astrological themes each day. 
Bonus tip: Create and name a custom calendar for each file – then import the individual files (there are three: planetary, lunation, moon void of course). This way, you can toggle the astrology calendars on/off and they will not flood your personal calendar. For full details, see the videos or PDF below for a demonstration.
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Here is a short video on how to install your calendar
For google calendar users:
Google calendar upload instructions – 
– open your gcal – on the left where it says ‘other calendars’ click the plus sign, then “create new calendar”
name your new calendar “2023 Planetary”
Download the planetary file from the link above. Click ‘import & export’ – then make sure you toggle to the correct calendar you want in ‘add to calendar’. 
That’s it! Repeat for the other two calendars.

 "Life presents a series of choices everyday. My goal in writing this calendar is to give you the gift of good timing." - Tiffany Harelik


“Since I always have my phone, this astrology calendar is always with me. I can quickly check it when I need to know the Moon’s degree, when another planet turns retrograde, or anything else. Extremely useful, and eco-friendly, too!”
– Jodie Forrest, International Academy of Astrology

Let the Universe Have Your Back

“The Wise Skies digital calendar is one of my favorite astrological tools for myself and my students. The moon and her cycles are my specialties. The calendar has beautifully detailed suggestions on syncing with lunar energy for a more abundant life. The excellent transit descriptions assist with planning your daily schedule in flow with the cosmic cycles.” – Celeste Brooks, Astrology By Celeste

What is Included

What is included?
Access astrology easily on your Phone! 

What’s New in 2023?

– Moon Phase family dates and sabian symbols on New & Full Moon entries
– The descriptions now note that planets are retrograde when relevant
– Retroshade zones and Cazimis

Timing is Everything

Tiffany Harelik is a psychic medium and astrologer. Readers of the Wise Skies forecast will enjoy the same casual tone she uses to make astrology accessible to everyone in this unique digital calendar.