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The astrology of 2024 provides unique opportunities for profound growth and soul development. Come learn what the planets will illuminate for you in the year ahead with Tiffany Harelik, Celeste Brooks, and Sarah L’Hrar. 
Learn the impact of the eclipses, retrograde cycles, and major transits. You will leave with a clear understanding of the opportunities – and the curve balls – of 2024. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed to enjoy this insightful workshop.

November - December 2023

November: Cosmic Harvesting

Nov 2nd: Collective Channels 2 in HD (12p CST) *members-only
Nov 11th: 2024 Forecast – purchase the replay here $33

Nov 16th: Psychic Technique: Forced Connections (6p CST) *members-only

December: Soulstice

Dec 2nd: Mercury Retrograde (12p CST) *members-only
Dec 7th: Collective Channels in HD (12p CST) *members-only
Dec 21st: Remote Viewing & Healing (6p CST) *members-only

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Mercury Retrogrades December 13-January 1 from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Come learn what this cycle means for you personally and get a deeper understanding of the Mercury retrograde cycles of 2024. Tiffany will also be doing hot take readings of your charts. Bring your chart or your birth data if you’d like a mini reading.


This free workshop is for you if:
– you want to work with astrology in the timing of events in December and 2024
– you want a deeper understanding of your personal chart and the retrograde cycles of Mercury
– you want insiders scoop and predictions
– you want to learn about the shadow periods
– you’re new to astrology and have always wondered what the hype is about Mercury retrograde
– you want to know if these cycles will be big for you, or not so big

Psychic Catalyst Circles

with Tiffany Harelik

Practice is necessary to strengthen psychic muscles. Each week, we work on specific techniques to increase our ability to receive and give correct psychic information. Do you want to come? All levels are welcome. Stay tuned for the next series.

2023 Syllabus: Know Thyself

Spiritual Development is the theme of a 7-year (2023).

The 2023 classes are designed to inspire you to find answers, purpose, and healing through spiritual development. By the end of the year, you will feel a greater connection to Spirit, Sky, and Self—with your personal astrology, human design, and psychic development classes.
January: New Beginnings

Jan 3rd: Feeling Psychic Energy (6p)
Jan 5th: Rave New Year (12p)


February: Lovers & Dreamers

Feb 2nd: Partnership Charts in Human Design (12p)
Feb 7th: Dreams (6p)


March: Family Dynamics

March 2nd: Parenting and HD (12p)

March 7th: Reading Photographs (6p)


April: Cosmic Nature

April 1st: The Astrology of Beekeeping & Planetary Rulers (12p CST)

*April 13th: Plants, Animals, Insects in Human Design (12p CST) *this date changed to 2nd Thurs

April 20th: Nature Readings with Pendulums, Crystals & Tea Leaves (6p CST)


May: Soul Purpose

*May 3rd: Incarnation Crosses in Human Design (12p CST *this is a Wednesday)

May 6th: North Node Astrology (12p, CST)

May 18th: Spirit Guides  (6p CST)


June: Soulstice

June 1st: Individual Channels in HD (12p CST)

June 2nd: Your Planetary Ruler (12p CST) *this is a Friday

June 15th: Soul Colors (6p CST)

July: Inner Vision—What we See in the Dark

July 1st: The 12th house (12p CST)

July 13th: Individual Channels 2 in HD (12p CST)

July 20th: Psychic Senses: Feeling


August:  Lion’s Gate – meditation

Aug 10th: Tribal Channels 1 in HD (12p CST)

*Aug 17th: Automatic Writing (6p CST) – **This one is pre-recorded, not live


September: Equinox Alignment 

Sept 2nd: The Midheaven & Your Purpose (12p CST)

Sept 7th: Tribal Channels 2 in HD (12p CST)

Sept 21st: Psychic Senses: Seeing & Knowing (6p CST)


October: Death & Afterlife

Oct 5th: Bardo in Human Design (12p CST)
Oct 7th: Howling at the Eclipse (12p CST)

Oct 19th: Mediumship (6p CST)


November: Cosmic Harvesting

Nov 2nd: Collective Channels 2 in HD (12p CST)
Nov 11th
: 2024 Forecast – register here $33.

Nov 16th: Psychic Technique: Forced Connections (6p CST)

December: Soulstice

Dec 2nd: Mercury Retrograde (12p CST)
Dec 7th: Collective Channels in HD (12p CST)
Dec 21st: Remote Viewing & Healing (6p CST)

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