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2023 Class Focus

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You were born wise: Self-knowledge is the key to unlocking anything you want to know, do, or be in 2023 (a 7-year in numerology). 


Partnership Charts

Feb 2, 12p CST

Complimentary for our members – want to learn about the membership?
Relationship analysis illuminates some interesting aspects of who we are in the context of different relationships. Do you have a work buddy that you really enjoy getting into the rhythm of your career with? And do you find certain friends light you up in different capacities? Join Leisha to understand the mechanics of our relationships. New to Human Design? Start here.
About Leisha
Leisha Barnette is a 1/3 Splenic Projector, sharer, and guide on your Human Design Journey. She is available for readings through Wise Skies. Book a session here! Partnership Charts is a great way to prepare for Parenting class in March. Parenting in HD is for people who are parents, and for people who have parents ;).
Suggested Reading on Human Design – Find them in our Library

Dreams as Psychic Development

February 7, 6p CST

Complimentary for our members – want to learn about the membership?
Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean, and how they relate to your psychic abilities? Join Victoria Belue for a special workshop to find out. You’ll learn how to quickly interpret your dreams and put them to maximum use in your daily life. You’ll also discover the many types of dreams you have and how you can hone your psychic abilities by decoding them. From lucid dreams to nightmares, visits from loved ones to premonitions, this workshop will cover it all.
About Victoria
Victoria Belue is a metaphysician and spiritual alchemist. She has studied and engaged in the practice of tarot reading and dream analysis for thirty years. Her other metaphysical work includes numerology and Western astrology.
She is the owner and publisher of AstroLogic Magazine ( And she is the author of the urban fantasy series The Tarot Legacies (available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble).
Victoria’s life focus is to continue learning and sharing her knowledge to help others live at their highest potential.
Suggested Reading on Dreams – Find them in our Library

When Brains Dream by Zadra and Stickgold

The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condren

Dream Power by Ann Faraday

Jungian Dream Interpretation by James Hall

2023 Membership Focus

Spiritual Development is the theme of a 7-year (2023).

Know Thyself: The 2023 membership perks are designed to inspire you to find answers, purpose, and healing through self-alignment and spiritual development tools.
By the end of the year, you will feel a greater connection to Spirit, Sky, and Self—igniting the frequencies of grace, clarity, peace, and integrity within. 
Psychic Development Workshops are held on First Tuesdays at 6p, CST
Human Design Workshops are held on First Thursdays at 12p, CST
with the exception of holidays


Jan 3rd: Feeling Psychic Energy (6p)
Jan 5th: Rave New Year (12p)


Feb 2nd Partnership Charts in Human Design (12p)
Feb 7th: Dreams (6p)


March 2nd: Parenting and HD (12p)

March 7th: Reading Photographs (6p)


April 4th: Pendulum, Crystals, Tarot (6p)
April 6th: Plants, Animals, Insects in HD (12p)


May 2nd: Psychometry (6p)
May 3rd: Incarnation Crosses (12p *this is a Wednesday)


June 1st: Individual Channels in Human Design (12p)

June 6th Psychic Numbers: Dates & Times (*6:30p)


July 6th: Individual Channels 2 in HD (12p)

July 11th: Remote Viewing & Healing (6p)


Aug 1st: Automatic Writing with Guides (6p)
Aug 3rd: Tribal Channels 1 in HD (12p)


Sept 5th: Midheaven & Purpose (6p)
Sept 7th: Tribal Channels 2 in HD (12p)


Oct 3rd: Moon Family Phases (6p)
Oct 5th: Collective Channels 1 in HD (12p)


Nov 1st: Mediumship (6p)

Nov 2nd: Collective Channels 2 in HD (12p)


Dec 5th: Time Lords (6p)
Dec 7th: Bardo (12p)

Psychic Catalyst Circles

with Tiffany Harelik

Practice is necessary to strengthen our psychic development muscles. Each week, we work on specific techniques to increase our ability to receive and give correct psychic information. Do you want to come? All levels are welcome. Email for more information on the next session.

Catch our Past Classes in the Membership

Hey fellow traveler! We offer fresh classes and insightful workshops through our membership each month. As a membership perk, you can log on and enjoy all of our past classes anytime! 

Our cornerstone classes

Great for beginners, all levels and all hearts are welcome to learn something new.
Tarot 101
Tarot has been used since the 1700s to help gain insight into life’s major decisions and lessons. Tiffany will teach you how to ask effective questions, the significance of each card, and how to deliver powerful tarot readings.
Astrology 101
Have you ever been curious about your horoscope, natal chart, or how the astrological weather affects you? Tiffany teaches the basics of astrology by way of the planets, signs, and houses and includes basic and intermediate level concepts.
Psychic Development Circles
You were born wise. Are you ready to tune into your intuitive gifts? Come explore strategies and techniques with Tiffany to help you understand your psychic strengths better, and the ethics behind doing psychic readings.

Become an Intuitive Reader through Wise Skies!

Online, self-paced video training for anyone wishing to integrate metaphysical reading skills into their lives or existing business as a coach, therapist, nutritionist, yoga teacher, or any other healing or self-help modality.