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We are so glad you’re here! We get it… there is a lot to take in. No background knowledge is needed to enjoy Wise Skies.
Our Mission is to make the metaphysical world accessible in a way that is fun, practical, and solution-oriented.  
What does the name mean?

Wise Skies was originally founded as an astrology company. But when Jupiter and Saturn formed the Great Conjunction of 2020 in the sign of Aquarius, I paid attention to the shifts of our interests and needs. Aquarius is the sign that represents "the Collective," I knew it was time to make some shifts in our business. Wise Skies today is comprised of intuitives who offer metaphysical counseling as well as a collective of curious people who share common goals—to learn about ourselves to create a more purpose-filled life. 

Into Astrology?

What are the planets doing this month? What is the Moon reflecting? While a natal reading is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and life's major transitions, the astrological weather forecast provides a navigation system for identifying the windows of opportunities as well as the times to lay low each month.  Here are some ways to play with astrology:


  1. Read this astrology article for beginners

  2. Take Astrology 101

  3. Read the current forecast

  4. Listen to the Wise Skies podcast

  5. Get a natal reading

  6. Let astrology predict your future

  7. Work with our digital astrology calendar
  8. Get insight about your career and purpose through astrology

Tempted by Tarot?
  1. Dip your toes. If you have your own deck, start practicing the basics. Pull one card in the morning for guidance. Journal about the meaning of the card and see if you can relate it to something happening in your life. Share your experiences, spreads, questions, and learn from others in the Inner Circle facebook group.

  2. Teach yourself how to read the cards. Get a copy of The Tarot Primer and take Tarot 101. 

  3.  Watch Free Tarot Friday. A fun way to learn more about tarot is to watch a demonstration from one of our readers.

  4. Treat yourself to a reading. From one of our intuitives, or share a spread you do yourself in the Inner Circle Group and ask for feedback.

What are the Akashic Records?

Most commonly described as a metaphysical library, the Akashic Records are a series of records that document everything your soul has ever done or will do. 

  1. Read this article for more.
  2. Listen to a podcast episode.
  3. Book a session!
What is Human Design?

More coming soon!

Curious about Life after Death?

More coming soon!

Do you want to tune up your intuitiion?

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