Q: What is the Wise Skies Membership? 

A: Ongoing support for spiritual development and personal growth with astrology, human design, and psychic development in a cost-effective digest.  Go at your own pace, or join us live for special workshops.

What is included?

 Fresh Content and Workshops every month! 
Two Recordings – to help you find focus:
  • Your Sign’s AstroTarot Reading – video
  • The monthly meditation – audio
  • Bonus Content January – March 2023: Tarot Friday [now exclusive]
Two Workshops – to provide ongoing education & psychic development:
  • Human Design Support Workshop – live video + replay
  • Psychic Development or Astrology Training – live video + replay 
Two Coupons- to help out:
  • A 25% off coupon for all of our Readings (unlimited)
  • A 50% off coupon for our Digital Astrology Calendar (one)


Plus VIP access to all of our past classes!
All items can be found on your members portal anytime you login. 

“Scrapping the therapy; fully switching to Wise Skies.”

– happy member

2023 Membership Focus

You were born wise: Self-knowledge is the key to unlocking anything you want to know, do, or be in 2023 (a 7-year in numerology). 

Psychic Development Workshops are held on First Tuesdays at 6p, CST
Human Design Workshops are held on First Thursdays at 12p, CST
with the exception of holidays

Jan 3rd: Feeling Psychic Energy (6p)

Jan 5th: Rave New Year (12p)


Feb 2nd Partnership Charts in Human Design (12p)

Feb 7th: Dreams (6p)


March 2nd: Parenting and HD (12p)

March 7th: Reading Photographs (6p)


April 4th: Pendulum, Crystals, Tarot (6p)

April 6th: Plants, Animals, Insects in HD (12p)


May 2nd: Psychometry (6p)

May 3rd: Incarnation Crosses (12p – *this is a Wednesday)


June 1st: Individual Channels in Human Design (12p)

June 6th Psychic Numbers: Dates & Times (*6:30p)


July 6th: Individual Channels 2 in HD (12p)

July 11th: Remote Viewing & Healing (6p)


Aug 1st: Automatic Writing with Guides (6p)

Aug 3rd: Tribal Channels 1 in HD (12p)



Sept 5th: Midheaven & Purpose (6p)

Sept 7th: Tribal Channels 2 in HD (12p)



Oct 3rd: Moon Family Phases (6p)

Oct 5th: Collective Channels 1 in HD (12p)



Nov 1st: Mediumship (6p)

Nov 2nd: Collective Channels 2 in HD (12p)


Dec 5th: Time Lords (6p)

Dec 7th: Bardo (12p)

Past Workshop Topics Include

Here is a sample of what you will see when you log in: