Q: What is the Wise Skies Membership? 

A: Ongoing support for spiritual development and personal growth with astrology, human design, and psychic development in a cost-effective digest.  Go at your own pace, or join us live for special workshops.

What is included?

 Fresh Content and Workshops every month! 
Two Recordings – to help you find focus:
  • Your Sign’s AstroTarot Reading – video
  • The monthly meditation – audio
Two Workshops – to provide ongoing education & psychic development:
  • Human Design Support Workshop – live video + replay
  • Psychic Development or Astrology Training – live video + replay 
Two Coupons- to help out:
  • A 25% off coupon for all of our Readings (unlimited)
  • A 50% off coupon for our Digital Astrology Calendar (one)


Plus VIP access to all of our past classes!
All items can be found on your members portal anytime you login. 

“Scrapping the therapy; fully switching to Wise Skies.”

– happy member

2023 Membership Focus

You were born wise: Self-knowledge is the key to unlocking anything you want to know, do, or be in 2023 (a 7-year in numerology). 

January: Psychic Lifestyle & Cazimis

Astrology: Cazimi
Numerology: 8-7
Psy Dev: Ethics, Motivation & Meditation Challenge + Connecting to Spirit
HD: Rave New Year

February: Venus, Dreams, Partners & Symbols

Astrology: Venus: From Pisces to Aries
Numerology: 9-7
Psy Dev: Symbols Journal and Dreams
HD: Partnership Charts


March: Psychometry & a New Era in Astrology

Astrology: Saturn enters Pisces, Pluto enters Aquarius
Numerology: 1-7
Psy Dev: Architecture of your supernatural self + practicing w/ Intuitive Senses: Feeling/Emotions

HD: Parenting and HD

April: Eclipses, Nature in HD & Psychic Tools 

Astrology: Spring Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde
Numerology: 2-7
Psy Dev: Pendulum, Crystals, Tarot 
HD: Plants, mammals, Insects, Reptiles


May: Intuitive Senses: Knowing/Hearing & Incarnation

Astrology: Jupiter enters Taurus, squares Pluto
Numerology: 3-7
Psy Dev: Reading Photographs
HD: Incarnation Cross


June: Solstice Slow Down

Astrology: Outer Planet Retrograde Season, Solstice
Numerology: 4-7
Psy Dev: Psychic Numbers & Locations 
HD: Individual Channels 1 


July: Remote Viewing & Healing

Astrology: Venus & Chiron retrograde (Mars in Virgo: July 10 – Aug 27)
Numerology: 5-7
Psy Dev: Remote Viewing & Healing
HD: Individual Channels 2

August: Lion’s Gate & Mediumship 

Astrology: Lion’s Gate, Mercury Retrograde 
Numerology: 6-7
Psy Dev: Mediumship & Paranormal
HD: Tribal Channels 1

September: Your Soul Purpose

Astrology: Mercury trines Jupiter on the 4th and 25th
Numerology: 7-7
Psy Dev:  Tuning into the Midheaven & Nodes 
HD: Tribal Channels 2

October: Moon Family Phases

Astrology: Fall Eclipses
Numerology: 8-7
Psy Dev: Moon Family Phases
HD: Collective Channels 1

November: Writing Astrology Predictions

Astrology: Mars opposes Uranus, enters Sagittarius, squares Saturn
Numerology: 9-7
Psy Dev: Writing Astrology Predictions
HD: Collective Channels 2

December: Time Lords, Bardo, + Annual Profections

Astrology: Venus in Scorpio
Numerology: 1-7
Psy Dev:  Time Lords + Annual Profections
HD: Bardo

Past Workshop Topics Include

Here is a sample of what you will see when you log in: