July 2022 Astrology

July 2022 Astrology

by Tiffany Harelik, MA

July Intention: I experience stability and consistency through a clear plan of action. My goals are naturally aligned with my thoughts and actions. I trust the process that is unfolding organically this year that leads me on the path of my Soul's highest fulfillment.
Numerology: 4-Month in a 6-Year: Declutter. Focus Pocus. 
It’s time to get things in order on the home front and with estate planning. Would it feel good to focus, and minimize distractions? Whatever overcomplicates life or triggers anxiety (are we willing to pause and clean it up?) Reviewing priorities can help us see where to create more efficient processes. Does the daily action list match up with the bigger picture? What would bring a sense of fulfillment and peace at home?
Astrology Dates: Fated Turning Points
Good for business: July 16 | Creative Streak! July 17 | Look for Wins: July 23

July 5: Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer
July 11: USA’s second Pluto return 
July 13: Full Moon at 21°Capricorn
July 18: Venus in Cancer
July 19: Mercury enters Leo, Chiron Retrograde in Aries
July 22: Sun enters Leo
July 26: Uranus conjunct North Node 
July 28: Jupiter Retrograde in Aries + New Moon at 5°Leo
July 31: Uranus conjunct Mars
A Massive Experiment in Consciousness: The USA Pluto Return is for Everyone
This is a pivotal month for the future of the world. With an orbital period of 248 years, Pluto returns to the place it was in a birth chart every 250 years! The United States’ natal Pluto is in 27-Capricorn. We will experience our exact return three times in 2022: February 20th, July 11th, and December 28th. “The USA has functioned as a trojan horse for those in power.” -Adam Gainsburg.
Will we see supply chain shifts, inflation, food recalls, and border issues continue in July? All we can expect is the unexpected. Focal points will continue to be on fertilizer, food, inflation, Eastern Europe, and surprising highs and lows with bitcoin and stocks under the current astrology weather. We are still in the beginning of a collective psycho-spiritual death-rebirth process which will last through 2027.

July 1-3: Heated

Mars squares Pluto | Mercury trines Saturn and squares Neptune

Red lights. Be aware of confusion, delusion, lies, overdoses, improper medications, freak accidents, and toxins. Take all safety precautions at the beginning of July.  Have you ever felt at war with yourself? Expect knee-jerk reactions, accidents, old fears, and going to “war”. The astrology brings explosive energy and fightin’ words. This is not the ideal environment for making difficult decisions. 

July 4-10: Cause to Pause

Mars enters Taurus | Mercury enters Cancer | Mercury sextile Mars | Venus Sextile Chiron | Sun square Chiron | Mercury square Jupiter | Sun sextile Uranus


Focus Pocus. Pace yourself: slow, steady, and introverted is where it’s at this week. We’re processing information at lightning speed and learning so much, but do you want to give something a mental rest? Despite our high hopes, the micro is not matching up with the macro and gives us cause to pause and realign.
Something in our love lives is coming up for review from mid-March. Do you feel like opening to Love and restoring relationships? Remember this: life is happening for you, not to you. Let problems become ‘medicine.’ Take nothing personally, yet take full responsibility for your soul’s evolution. Listen for truth bombs in unlikely places. Personal breakthroughs are granted for those seeking a solution and stepping into action.

July 11-17: Awkward Beach Engagements

Mercury square Chiron | Venus trine Saturn | Mercury Sextile Uranus | Venus square Neptune | Sun conjunct Mercury | Mercury trine Neptune | Sun trine Neptune


Inflation is wack in love and money, but I bet we’re going to see some beach engagements! Serious commitments, long term promises, and taking the long way home on the road less traveled are part of the good vibes this week. There’s also sweet energy for upgrading your image, marrying up, redefining yourself, creating a new logo, or improving your image—just go slow, and stay mindful.
Not everyone will say yes, and some will get left at the altar. Venus squares Neptune creating false securities and the tendency to see the potential in a person, investment, or situation instead of accepting what actually is. We are more susceptible to delusions and acting from an insecure place. And I’m seeing some astrology in place for large, awkward announcements next week.
July 13: Full Moon at 21°Capricorn: Intention: I feel fulfilled every day, in every way, and feel deeply at peace in my core. Set wishes around ambitions, your public image, your contribution to society, and any long-term goals. Look for signs that you’re on the right path. Find closure from pivotal events from earlier this year. This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure.Take care of yourself, and in so doing – others can too.

July 18-24: Mixed Signals

Venus in Cancer | Mercury opposite Pluto | Mercury enters Leo | Chiron Retrograde in Aries | Sun opposite Pluto | Sun enters Leo | Mercury trine Jupiter


Be mindful of power-plays, far-out doctrines, or hyperfocusing on things that don’t matter. Let some time pass before initiating constructive conversations, but keep asking yourself: how do I feel? Getting in touch with your emotions are as important as nesting while Venus is in Cancer. Do you want to experiment with homeopathics to create an environment for emotional breakthroughs?
Chiron Retrograde in Aries begins July 19th: We’ve been here before. At times, we find ourselves in a position of being a prisoner of our own making. No matter what we do (or don’t do), unwanted patterns continue. But why? Where is our inner alchemist? How many more times will we need to repattern and rewire ourselves? And how can we move into greater understanding of our pain and suffering? Chiron is retrograde through December 23. Read the full scoop: https://wiseskiesadvice.com/chiron-in-aries-2018-2027-the-magical-quest-the-self-healing-journey/
Happy Birthday Leos! I don’t want to rain on your parade but travel is not advised this week. Spoil yourself and stay safe out there!

July 25-31: Tough Stuff

Venus square Jupiter and Chiron | Mercury square Mars and Uranus, trine Chiron, opposes Sun | Jupiter Retrograde in Aries | Sun trine Jupiter | Uranus conjunct North Node | Mars Conjunct Uranus


Red alert. Pump the breaks. Disruption of peace and plans. This is not a good time to travel, make decisions, or buy electronics. The transits reflect sticky business, sugar overload, and buttering up the wrong biscuit. If frustrations arise – push pause. If you’re irritable, restless, and discontent – find a healthy way to channel your energy just for today.
Seek to understand: Jupiter Retrogrades in Aries starting on July 28, acting like a mini-Saturn in the Skies. How can we incorporate more discipline and structure? Regular meditation, yoga, vegetarian diets, and connection with your purpose become an important part of your routine. There is magic in looking back, and remembering good times.
July 28: New Moon at 5°Leo:Intention: I allow empowered growth and healing to flow to me and through me, organically stepping into my role as heart-centered leader of this precious life. Make wishes around leadership, creativity, and passion. This phase signifies new beginnings and is a great time to set intentions. New Moon intentions are most potent during the first 8 hours of when the Moon is New. Get extra insight to what is renewing in your life by studying the house where you have 5-Leo in your birth chart.

Unexpected Plot Twist: The Astrology of July 31st will be felt all month and reflected in October

Mercury opposite Saturn | Venus square Chiron | Sun trine Jupiter |Uranus conjunct North Node | Mars conjunct Uranus


Increased responsibilities. No doubt we will be asked to step up and pivot. Are you taking care of an aging parent or pet? In love, we are rewiring the heart, healing generations—it’s big magic. Sometimes we learn best through the lens of another. What messages are brought to your attention through relationships? 
It takes two to make the thing go right. Venus is the current ruler of the North Node in Taurus, and Mars is the planetary ruler of the South Node in Scorpio. Are we getting a glimpse of what’s to come in the October Scorpio eclipse?
We will see LEAPS in innovation. We are tracing a story of technology. The Uranus/North Node story brought us the first apple computer in 1976,  the first web page in 1991, iphones in 2007, etc.
Accidents, surprises, jumping off the high dive—will we land on our feet? New impulses, new desires, welcoming change, birthing pains but also explosions, disruptions, forest fires, and droughts. Will we see an increase in AI in the military – humanoid robots?
Tiffany is an evidential psychic medium and best selling author who specializes in finding missing people. She offers forensic mediumship, astrology, and tarot through elevated metaphysical counseling sessions. 


Tiffany holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. Her corporate background includes music event management and publishing. She continues to receive ongoing education through law enforcement classes. 
When she’s not receiving messages on “Spirit TV”, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.