You were born Psychic. Your five senses extend into the spiritual realm—but you have to practice to pull your psychic gifts forward.

Hey! I’m Tiffany, your psychic development teacher. 

In my classes you’ll often hear me say “Being Psychic is a Lifestyle.”  It’s true—and you can start right where you are. All levels are welcome.
It starts with your body.
Yogic traditions teach there are 72,000 energetic channels (nadis) that connect the spiritual body to the physical body. Prana (life force energy) runs through these invisible channels. Clean diet, exercise, meditation, and breath work are needed to take care of your life force energy. A clean lifestyle will help increase your psychic connection, as well as purge out stagnant, unhealthy energy. 


Meditation is key.
Patanjali taught that quieting the mind, is Union with God (Spirit). This quiet, profound union with the spiritual world opens the doorway to your psychic connection.


Progress, not perfection.
“I invite you to not get anything,” Gangaji teaches. “You see what a relief it is already? Already there is an opening.” You don’t have to convince me or anyone you are psychic—I already know that you are. The key to confidence in your psychic side is confidence that comes from practice. 
“Gods first language is silence. Everything else is a bad translation.”  
-Father Thomas Keating, revered Catholic priest and mystic

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