A person who has psychic powers. A Clairvoyant, or Seer. 



A person who can relay messages from deceased loved ones.  

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Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT Founder, Psychic Medium, Lead Teacher

Texan to the bone, Tiffany is a fourth-generation Austinite who shares her practice from Travis and Callahan counties. Her family lineage is steeped in Russian and Celtic ancestry. She is passionate about helping with missing persons, and loves guiding clients through astrology, tarot, and intuitive sessions.

Tiff’s psychic abilities increased after a near-death experience as a teen. She pursued training under prestigious psychic mediums while obtaining a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. Her teachers include Lisa Williams, Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell,  Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, Stella Upton, Steven Forrest, and continues to receive ongoing education. 

Tiffany is a bestselling cookbook author, and founded Spellbound Publishers, a metaphysical book publishing company. Her early career path included producing corporate music/food festivals and equestrian events. Her experience creates a unique lens to help you answer life’s most important questions, and develop your intuition. 

When she’s not in sessions, you can find Tiff bee keeping, gardening, or on the yoga mat. Explore her creative projects at

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