Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

The Leo Full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse at 11’ Leo happening this coming Wednesday, January 31st at 7:26 am CST. It is being considered a celestial rarity by NASA. The “Super Blue Blood Moon” is called this because it’s the second Full Moon of the month (blue), passing through Earth’s shadow during a total lunar eclipse (blood), at or near its closest approach to the Earth (super). Such an event hasn’t occurred simultaneously since 1866.

This Moon has made its way into the headlines at TIME, the LA TIMES, USA TODAY and other big media publications. NASA Moon scientists are excited about this one because they are studying what happens when the lunar surface cools quickly during a lunar eclipse. But what we are interested in at Wise Skies, is really what the astrological effects are of this Moon, and the psychology and mythos around it. 

Fixed signs will feel this energy the most intensely – that is our Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus friends. But all of us can expect something to leave, be taken away, or completed on this eclipse.  Full Moons are traditionally known for endings. So whatever ends up “completing” will involve the house where the eclipse falls in your chart. If astrology is new to you, you need to know what house Leo is in within your birth chart. You can calculate your chart for free at and then review the 12 houses worksheet to see what you might benefit from letting go of at this time. For those that want to dive deeper in exploring the houses, you might enjoy reading The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas.

Now that we’ve looked at what we might want to “release” by walking through the houses, let’s look at the bigger picture of this special Moon. The Moon is opposite the Sun – that’s what makes it a Full Moon, right? But Luna is also opposite Venus on the 31st. This can make anything in the area of love and money feel a little unsettled. That’s ok, just ride the wave a little bit, this effect won’t last long.

The Moon is also in quincunx with Neptune. This can point to escapism, feeling lost, or being out of control. The main thing here is to remember that you can’t control everything (anything). The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” is true today. One of my favorite quotes also comes to mind: “some things are up to us, and some things are not up to us.” (stoic philosopher). There may be a sense that something is eluding you right now. Avoid big decisions today: you may not have enough information or clarity. Again, don’t worry, this too shall pass. 

Luna sesquisquares Chiron today, involving subtle energies that can trigger you. If you get triggered, notice what is bothering you. It’s a good time to heal and build bridges rather than react and burn them. Chiron energy asks you to accept what hasn’t been healed. And this is a super powerful day to do exactly that. Wherever you’re frustrated, hurt, or wounded – let that come up for gentle recognition and healing. The Moon rules the emotions, so I’d also consider this an opportunity for a breakthrough with some emotional healing.

Those are all minor to medium influences that we’ve discussed thus far. But the heavy-hitting Lunar influence today is Moon conjunct the North Node. The North Node deals with your karmic future, your destiny, your life purpose, your greatest gift… When the North Node makes an aspect, it indicates something significant is going on. You want to pay attention, because your actions and decisions now, bring karmic-boomerang type results. In this case, the Moon is conjunct, or right next to the North Node.

This may seem like simple advice, but there is a strong calling to really follow your heart. You have a moment to reconsider your path and pivot or adjust accordingly.

Until next time, 

Tiffany Harelik